Brush Clearing

brush clearing

Brush piles will accumulate along your house and fences and lead to unsightly piles of deadened wood and leaves. Piles of dead wood are susceptible to a myriad of issues that can be prevented with having it cleared away from your yard. On top of that, brush piles can attract unwanted critters that will make their homes there. These critters can be things like possums and rodents who love to dig in the trash and get into your home. Some of these animals will carry very harmful diseases that can make humans sick.

Fire Danger
Brush piles are like large piles of kindling that are primed for a small spark to ignite them. The fires will quickly escalate and risk spreading to your home and other parts of your yard. Don’t let these piles continue to grow larger by calling us to dig into it. We have an effective system that will clear the brush out quickly and save you from getting scratched up during the removal process. Our team is experienced and prepared to clear out all debris so that you can sleep peacefully at night without the added fire risk.

Animal Houses
Rodents will move into piles and make it their home. They can carry deadly diseases that is dangerous for children and adults alike. Plus, rodents will eventually start making their way into your home as they search for more food. We don’t want your pile of brush to become a breeding ground for rodent babies and diseases. Our company is equipped with everything needed to clear the brush out of your yard. The rodents will be sent packing as our field personnel dive into the piles and confront the risk of rodent diseases on your behalf.

Proper Equipment
We have the tools and equipment to make the clearing extremely fast. There is no need for you to commit the time and energy hacking away at the piles with small hatchets, saws, and chainsaws. All of this can be dangerous to you and time consuming. Our modern equipment is specially designed for clearing. It is so fast that you won’t even realize that we were on your property. We will mobilize to your yard, clear the brush out, and leave your property spotless as we head off to the next job leaving behind another satisfied customer.

Dumping Process
The municipal dump has designated trash deposit areas.We  know where shrubbery and debris should be dumped and are familiar with the process of hauling waste into the local dump. If you are unfamiliar with the city landfill, then you could spend a lot of time wandering around while trying to find the right spot for dumping your dead branches. Don’t waste your valuable time when we are more than willing to do this for you. We will take the cleared debris out of your yard and haul it to the city landfill to the precise location that is designated for brush and shrubbery. We have years of experience!

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