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We are the expert tree professionals located in Montgomery, AL. We specialize in tree removal, tree trimming, and brush clearing amongst other things. Our goal is to provide all-inclusive tree and brush services in Montgomery and Prattville, AL. There is no service that we can’t handle, and we always strive for excellent customer interaction. Whether you are looking for a one-time tree trimming or multiple services, we have the solution for you.

About Us
Montgomery, AL Tree is a company that has been around Montgomery, AL for years with a very reputable history. Our clients are often repeat customers who have come to rely on us for a myriad of brush and tree related issues. We can service anywhere in Montgomery as well as Prattville, AL. The years of experience that we have in the tree trimming and tree removal services should provide potential customers with a view on our dependability. Join the club and choose us as your premier tree care.

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Our Services

Tree removal, brush clearing, stump removal, and multiple other tree services are some of the services that we offer. Protecting you and your property are very important to us while doing tree removal, and we will always put the safety of people and property over profit. Never trust non-certified companies or people who claim they can remove your tree without a history of reputable service. We are built on a reputation of safety and dependability and we will never deploy field personnel who do not embody this mindset.

guy cutting a tree

Tree Removal

The trees that we have in our community can be very large, ranging up to over 100 feet tall. Improper cutting and removal can be extremely dangerous for inexperienced personnel. Therefore, rely on a trusted, certified, and experienced tree removal company for your tree care in Montgomery, AL. We guarantee to always put the safety of you and your property first.

guy trimming a tree

Tree Trimming

Unsightly trees can be an eyesore in your neighborhood. Your yard will become littered with dying branches and your neighbors will complain about the disarray of foliage that is sprouting outward towards their yards. We can trim this issue down and get your horrendous leaf attack under control. Let us be the tree trimming experts that gets the neighbors and HOA off your back by calling us to evaluate your problem.

“My trees were growing out of control following the large amount of rainfall that we had experienced. I put them off, for a while, until I started receiving complaints and a warning from the HOA. It didn’t take me long to hear about Montgomery, AL Tree Service through their exemplary reputation. I called them up and they promptly trimmed my trees and left my yard spotless, and complaint free. I will be calling them later for some brush removal!” ​

bird sitting on a stump

Stump Removal

A stump is relatively harmless. However, stumps tend to render thoughts of a dying forest which is the last thing you want when people look towards your home. Stumps can be very large and difficult to remove if they have long-reaching roots that are dug in. Don’t waste your valuable time hassling with the removal of that unsightly stump in your yard, call us to do the work for you while you spend your free time enjoying your hobbies.

stump on the ground

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is one type of process for stump removal. It involves a large, chainsaw-like machine that grinds stumps into small pieces for an easy removal. This is a very efficient stump removal process that is recommended for anyone who wants a fast and simple stump removal in Montgomery, AL. Our removals are mess free, fast, and very professional with customer interaction.

“I had a couple large stumps that plagued my yard. The previous owner had left them behind when we bought the house. They were an eyesore and regularly got in the way when we attempted to entertain our friends in the backyard. They worked with me around my busy schedule and got all the stumps removed. They also left no trace that they were even there. Their communication and coordination are second to none.”

Tree Disease

Tree disease can spread rapidly and deplete large groves within a short period of time. Additionally, tree disease can spread through a neighborhood and infect a large population of trees. It can be very detrimental to the growth and longevity of trees, and some diseases can even kill a tree completely. We have specialists that know what to look for and how to treat a diseased tree. Get a jump on the disease before it complete kills off your beloved trees.

guy clearing the brush

Brush Clearing

Brush can accumulate from tree branches and dying bushes. It can create a large, messy pile that requires clearing and removing. Don’t waste valuable time doing that when we have equipment that makes brush clearing fast and easy. Our team at tree service Montgomery AL will have your yard looking new and clean of brush in a short period of time while you sit back and relax.

"My father hired a tree removal company to remove a large tree in his yard. They were inexperienced and caused the tree to fall on a power line, cutting off power to his home for several days. Luckily, the well-trained and experienced team at Tree Service Montgomery AL was available to come in and help him out. They cleaned up the tree that collapsed, cut down the other one in the yard, and left no mess behind. I was thoroughly impressed with their professionalism and expedience in dealing with our problem. Definitely recommend these guys.”

Contact Us

For more information on the tree care we provide to the Montgomery, AL and Prattville, AL area, please visit our contact page. Our phone is available for contact during regularly scheduled business hours. Additionally, we have email service that will answer any inquiries that are not needed for immediate answer. We take pride in having an open communication with our customers and providing any answers that you have about our company.