Stump Grinding

stump on the grass field

We have a unique system that will grind up those dead stumps that rest on your property. A variety of stump sizes will require the use of different grinders. This is something that we are prepared for. What is the benefit of grinding? It completely shreds stumps and turns them into splinters of wood for easy removal. Total destruction of the stump will result from the grinding process. The remaining splinters are easy to pick up and remove from your yard in garbage bags. Stump grinding makes stump removal very fast with easy clean up. By the way it could help to prevent the other trees disease.

Grinding vs Full Removal
Stump grinding is recommended for stumps in various places. The location of your stump in relation to physical structures will determine whether we grind it up or spend our time digging it up. Ultimately, every situation is a little different, so it is best to call us for a pre-job analysis, so our experts can see what we think is best for your yard. Grinding is much quicker with most of our time being spent loading up the splintered stump. When you call us to do the job, we will analyze whether traditional stump removal or grinding is best.

What is a Grinder?
Our stump grinders are similar to large chainsaws. However, they are specifically designed for using on grinding stumps. Their blades are specially formatted for dealing with the hardened, aged wood that comprise most stumps. The grinder itself is built with a motor that is prepared for the fight of gnarled wood by implementing low torque to power through the knots while maintaining enough power to keep the blade turning. Chainsaws are regularly stopped short as they try to make their way through the thick, unrelenting stumps. Our grinders are specially designed to deal with this problem, and so is our company.

Stump Size
Stump sizes vary significantly, and we have a grinder ready for any size. Whether you have a stump the size of a small tire, or large car, we can grind it down. Our grinders are maintained and always prepared for work. We devote time for maintenance because we take pride in knowing that are equipment is always ready to go, and that our tools will make it through any job without issue. Proper maintenance also ensures that are staff are fully-knowledgeable about every aspect of the grinders, so they are prepared to handle any problems that may arise.

Less Time Consuming
Grinding stumps is fast. It is not overly time consuming, and it is the most efficient way of removing the majority of stumps. We service Montgomery, AL with the most modernized way of removing stumps from yards. Our grinders will not damage your property or create problem areas. They are designed to keep marks off your yard and will make the stump removal simple, clean, and damage free. If you want fast and clean stump removal that is done right the first time, then ask about our stump grinding to see if it is right for your situation.

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