Tree Disease

tree without leaves

The thick foliage that resides around Montgomery can be an unwelcome home to tree diseases. Your cherished tree that has sat quietly in your yard for decades deserves the best treatment and diagnoses. We know all the modern diseases and what species they will affect. Every species is susceptible to different diseases and no two trees will react the same way. Custom treatments will be created to meet the needs of your tree. Just like doctors that treat people in different ways, we will take the time to diagnose and try different treatments to heal your ailing tree. We also provide brush clearing services.

Disease Diagnosis
Diagnosing a disease is done much the same way as humans are diagnosed. Paying attention to the symptoms and understanding what the species of tree is will enable us to create a proper treatment plan as fast as possible. The sooner that we can start treating the diseased tree, the better the chances of it surviving. Also, certain diseases will cause significant scarring and long-term defects that can ruin the ambiance of the tree that is the focal point of your yard. We want to head this off by getting a diagnosis as early as possible.

Proper Treatment
We won’t just do one treatment and walk away. Trees are important to us, and we know how precious trees can be to homeowners. Therefore, we will commit time and energy to following up with treatment options to make sure that the tree is responding to the treatment. Not only is this critical for your tree but stopping a tree defect early can stop the disease from spreading to nearby trees. We are committed to quality work by providing follow up treatments that will ensure that we stop the disease quickly and with the best treatment option for all trees infected.

No Species Immune
All tree species are susceptible to diseases. Certain species will be immune to certain diseases, but trees are living things that are capable of contracting illnesses just like humans. We know the various species and what they are vulnerable to becoming diseased from. This knowledge provides a high baseline for our starting point in the treatment options. When we are able to arrive to a diseased tree and immediately know the species, then we can launch our treatments based on what is the common infection that targets those species. This gives us an edge on beating the disease early.

Identifying Symptoms
Different diseases can cause different symptoms. We know what to look for and are able to give you a thorough diagnosis when you suspect that your tree may be ill. If there is something that looks abnormal with your trees, then contact us to come inspect it. It is better to be safe than sorry by having the peace of mind from our experts that your tree is stable or diseased. Untreated diseases that infect a grove can quickly eradicate the entire grove and kill the harvest of fruit for an entire season.

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