Tree Removal Risks

 Among the numerous hazards in tree care work, tree removal is by far the most dangerous. Tree removal not only requires the proper equipment for the successful activity, but also requires in-depth knowledge of tree physics, biology, advanced cutting methods, and a lot more. Attempting DIY tree removal by homeowners is highly discouraged due to serious injury like falling libs, faulty equipment, and the likes that may occur. Here is a list of the most common tree removal hazard that may encounter:

Rotting and Decaying Wood

As early as possible, when you start to notice signs of decay on your tree, immediately seek professionals to help evaluate and remove the tree before it becomes a safety hazard. You may not notice that the tree is dead or decaying since it is decaying from the inside out, making it exceedingly unsteady and collapsing without warning.

Inappropriate Equipment

It is extremely hard to perform your own tree removal activity without the use of the proper equipment and tools. Even Tree care professionals are trained in using equipment such as chain saws, ropes, chippers to safely remove and dispose of a tree. OSHA even requires tree removal professionals to wear protective gear from head to toe. Homeowners would need all of this equipment – and the requisite expertise – to perform a successful and safe removal.

Unwanted Event 

Even with careful indentations and use of ropes support, a falling tree may not fall the way you anticipate it. In short, you hardly have any control over where it falls. This situation could result in costly damage to property, own personal health, or worst, it may fall into power lines which is a major risk that will affect the entire neighborhood.

Power Lines in The Vicinity

One of the most dangerous situations in tree removal activity is working near a power line. This puts a critical risk in tree removal activity and should be, to a feasible extent, be done by a professional. As per code, there is only a certain distance in which you can work near a powerline. Attempting to work near a powerline may face the trouble of hitting the power line and can knock out the power in your neighborhood. Worst, you could get electrocuted if you, your tools, or the tree itself strike the power line. As a general rule, you should always assume that the wires you are working with are live to expect the worst and highly prioritize safety.

In conclusion, as much as possible, you should never ever attempt your own tree removal project. It is not worth the risk, and will likely cause more problems especially if done by amateurs. If you face the need to remove a tree, always consider seeking a professional and trained arborist who is an expert and has all the means for a successful operation.

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